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  • Tech. For Low Income Churches


    Faith and technology are two worlds that don’t collide as often as they should. With the latter an integral part of our everyday lives, Black and Latino churches from all over the nation can now reach potential congregations.

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  • The Pulse of Entertainment


    “I am just hoping to inspire. Put out music centered around God and Love,” said Stellar nominated Praise and Worship leader Todd Dulaney about his sophomore album “A Worshipper’s Heart” (EOne).

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  • Coffee, and the Gospel


    Imagine what it would be like to work in the hot sun all day, picking coffee beans from your crop, sorting the good from the bad only to have no costumers buy them. For Bejo, because he was a christian, this was his reality.

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  • Soundtrack for the Soul


    Gospel music has this effect because it is the lyrical expression of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. In many African-American churches, people say the choir or the praise team sang “till the Spirit came down”.

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