Foreign Mission

Foreign Mission Rally should serve as a reminder of our calling in Christ. Our Servant-Savior never allowed earthly distractions to deter Him from accomplishing heavenly assignments. His apparent lack of present resources never served as an impediment to supplying the needs of others. Our Foreign Mission Rally Service was a great success and the outpouring of support was Both encouraging and gratifying. We would like to thank all of the pastors and churches who supported us this year.

The Lord Truly blessed our labors but much more still needs to be done! I am asking our entire District to make a serious effort to support this cause and come prepared to make a representation and report on your support endeavors. Foreign Mission is not an option, it’s an obligation!

Our goals are ambitious but achievable! We pray that you will accept the challenge to generously support our District effort to expand the influence of the Lord’s Kingdom on fields abroad. Together we can do far more than we could ever imagine by ourselves. This fact is not only logical but it’s Biblical!

We are moving forward with our District-wide Foreign Mission effort. Our goal is $50,000.00 in one calendar year. We have yet to come close to achieving this goal in our last fiscal year but our progress and impact have been significant. We are presently supporting fields in Namibia and Tanzania (Africa), Haiti, The Virgin Islands and Panama.

We are continuing to encourage every member of the District to support this extremely vital effort of kingdom building. Just $1.00 each month from each member of a District church and the goal will be easily met and exceeded. Moderator Jefferson is asking every pastor to personally commit your church to this worthy cause.